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Personal Training 
Receive one on one training with one of our expert staff members.  Please use the Sign-Up button to book your appointment today!  
$30 per hour for 1 kid 
$30 per hour for 2 kids (from the same family)
$40 per hour for 2 kids ( separate family's)
 4 or more kids ($15 per hour per kid)
10k Gun Shooting Machine

To become a great shooter it takes lots of repetition. Often times in a game, practice, personal training, or camp, players do not receive enough time to just practice shooting. At Trey City you now have access to the 10k Shoot-A-Way. Players will receive 20 minute blocks of time to use machines and get up as many as 300-400 shots in just 30 minutes.

Please check the sign-up button for availability  

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